Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's Bugging Me, Part 2 or maybe 3

We survived the Emerald Ash Borer scare this spring. Don't have them, but we do have our summer friends, the Japanese Beetles, back. I can almost hear a faint voice of Ed Sullivan announcing, "And here they are, The Beetles".

They made their first appearance in our yard last summer and were noticed after they ate my rose bush and a few other things. We attacked with poisonous sprays. Our neighbor who also had an infestation put out traps.

Recently we noticed he had traps out again. After talking to him I considered buying some. Being a compulsive Googled, I checked it out online first. One bit of advice is not to put out traps. The scent attracts them to your property. If you still want traps, it advises, put them away from gardens and preferably on the lot line. Sure thing, that is where his traps are and that is where I have trouble with those darn bugs.

Another tip for dealing with these creepy bugs is to go out early, early in the morning and shake them off plants into a liquid and drown them. Not gonna happen. I prefer some distance between me and the beetles. This is too much like my sister's memories of picking potato bugs in the garden when we were kids and drowning them in kerosene. I would rather use a flame thrower but that would cause too much collateral damage and I am pretty sure no more roses.

What to do. Spray with the soapy insecticide recommended on one website or buy a bunch of traps and put them on the boulevard on the other side of my neighbor's yard?

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