Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wise White Woman ?

Picture: Miss America 2003 crowning Miss America 2004

I don't think you could get by describing yourself as a "Wise, White woman". That might sound prideful and a bit racist. Washington is currently interviewing the latest Supreme Court nominee and her past comment about making better decisions as a "wise Latina" is coming back to haunt her. (She said it five times.)
It is probably efforts to combat racism that prod people to make statements like hers that really are racist against white folk. I am not that offended. I don't think she meant harm, but it shows where she is coming from. I strongly disagree with and dislike skin heads and white supremists. They are narrow minded and racist and hateful. I would decry any statements they made about being able to make better decisions because they are "wise" and "white". If Judge Sotomayor looked at it from that point of view, she might understand why her words struck us the way they did.
Isn't it time other sensitive people did away with the beauty contest "Miss Black America"? I realize the contest started when African American women were passed over but have you noticed all the African American contestants in the Miss America in recent decades? Have you noticed how many of them won the title?
Times have changed and the Miss Black America contest should cease or actively seek non-black contestants. It is racist. Affirmative action should cut both ways.

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