Sunday, July 19, 2009

With a Name Like Larry, It Had to be Good

We went to a celebration last evening for Jon's uncle who turns 100 today. He was Grandpa Romie's younger brother. Romie is gone, but the hundred year old Uncle Larry still has three surviving siblings in their nineties.
picture: Uncle Larry & family 50 yrs ago

I married into a family with longevity, not that it will profit me personally. Uncle Larry still lives in his own home and goes to daily mass. He does use a walker after surviving a bad car accident about ten years ago. He had a broken neck from the crash but healed up. I don't know many ninety yr old men like that.
There are 96,548 centenarians in this country according to the US Census bureau. I think there are too many who reach that milestone each day for Willard Scott to have time to wish each one a happy birthday. Perhaps Smuckers just sends them a jar of jam.
I wonder if the marketing people from Smuckers ever realized their brand name would be so aligned with being a centenarian. Don't they all chase a younger demographic?
Do you know they call 110 yr olds "supercentenarians"?
I may hear from Smuckers. I have had several public relations people affiliated with a brand comment on my blog when I mention them. Usually they do it to defend against my remarks, such as the Culvers people who didn't want everyone to think they made walleye custard. I was corrected. The sign didn't say "cherry pecan walleye custard". It was cherry pecan custard (and the fish of the day) walleye.
Don't worry Smuckers. I am not suggested your fine jams and jellies are only eaten by hundred year oldsters. Us sexagenarians like them just fine but you may not want the endorsement of a sexagenarian either. Do you make cherry pecan jam? I am not at all interested in walleye jelly.

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