Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yes, I Am Still Retired

Minnesota Viking's fans got the word yesterday that Brett Favre will not be quarterbacking in purple and gold this fall. After waiting on the edge of our benches all summer his decision came days before training camp opens. Poll results show a close to 50 / 50 split of fans either relived or saddened by the news.
Vikings haven't had the star quarterback who consistently makes the big plays all season for a few years. Many would have loved to give the legendary Favre a chance. Others would have liked to see him finish up in our colors just to bug Packer fans. I think he would have damaged his legacy in Wisconsin if he had signed here. They might be willing to forgive him for last season's return to New York but to sign with their arch rival might be too much.
When I retired I was given "parting gifts" and a pension from my employer and restricted from returning to work for them before six months. I got some mass-mailing brochures from city hospitals looking for nurses. The Army didn't even write recruitment letters. Maybe their computers are linked with the Social Security Administration's computers and they realize I am not the nurse they are looking for. I did get those recruitment letters long after I should have.
So here I am, unemployed and happy. No pressure from the NFL to play and they are laying off RN's in the metro. Wonder how Sarah Palin is doing. Bet she will spend a few days just happy to wake up without an alarm but there probably are people out there trying to get her involved in something already. If she stays in the political scene NBC will probably be pursuing Tiny Fey like the Vikes did Brett Favre.

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