Saturday, November 8, 2008

Adventurous Eating - or-- Yakkity Yak, Guess What's For Dinner?

My dad was a hunter and mom was a wife of limited means who knew how to stretch a buck. She grew up during the depression. That says it all. She could cope with the current economic crisis because she paid cash for the little house she bought on a waitress wages, never had a credit card and ate all the leftover food in the frig. My dad hunted and she cooked what he brought home. She told stories about fixing racoon, squirrel, turtle and rabbit. I clearly remember eating frog legs. All of these stories smacked of economical living.

Our youngest son Andy spent a summer working as a waiter at a nice local restaurant at the marina in the next town. At the end of the summer the place closed. Now it has reopened. I was curious what it would be like under new management. In the mail today we received sample of the menu with the following entrees:

Elk Tenderloin 8 oz $29

Bison Rib Eye 12oz $22

Antelope Flank $22

Frog Legs (appetizer) $8

Mom would have loved this. What was paramount to "road kill food" at our house has been turned into moderately priced wild game meals-- clever marketing. How continental. They love to serve wild game meals in Bavaria and Switzerland.

I didn't see racoon or turtle stew on the menu. I didn't see moose or caribou either. If this restaurant wants to thrive in this conservative political district, they might be wise to add a dish or two of caribou or moose and get a recipe from Governor Palin. Every time I heard her talk I thought she would fit right in here in Minnesota. By the way, this restaurant does serve Yak. You Betcha.

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