Friday, November 21, 2008

Double Down? Double Up?

I have been focusing on our twindom or politics. I like writing about the twins more so here goes. Today was another milestone. Mike and Mary took the babies in for their first immunizations. They tolerated this well according to mom and cried only briefly. Giving shots to kids kept me from enjoying pediatrics. When I had to give an antibiotic to a kid in ER, I always asked if someone else wanted to do it. No one ever did. No one wants to make a kid cry. My friend Barb, who worked in a peds clinic for about 18 years reminded me why we give the shots and incidentally brief discomfort. Her baby brother died of meningitis and her mom was hearing impaired from childhood chickenpox.
The kiddos are now immunized against Hepatitis B, Polio (oral med), Pneumococcal Disease, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Rotavirus and HIB (meningitis). Good. Good thing they can combine some of these. Each has a bandaid on each thigh. Grandma kissed the booboo.
Here is why I titled this blog "double down vs. double up". They weighed in at 10#6oz and 10#8oz. Each weighed just over 5# at birth. Like all newborns they lost some of that initially. They are gaining and doing great. No more tiny preemie. They look robust and round.
Roman does have a reflux problem that has gotten worse. The pediatrician was reluctant to treat with medicine. The H2blockers neutralize stomach acid and help, but there is a reason for that acid. Acid destroys germs and protects against illness. We will all continue to position him carefullly--not flat, burp gently, and give smaller, more frequent feedings. It was also okayed to add rice cereal to the formula to thicken it and make less likely it will roll back up.
Twins: Double blessing, double the pleasure, double the fun. No gum for them yet. Too little for that.

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