Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting Grandma Into the 20th Century

My daughter suggested we communicate by Instant Messaging and called me to help set up my account. In the space of a few minutes we were good to go and sending inconsequential messages. She is at work. It is a slow day before the holiday.
I like having this feature to communicate about the kids. You can teach an old dog new stuff. When I said I was getting up to speed with the rest of the world, (there was a movie about ten years ago with Meg Ryan) she laughed and said Andy, who is 23, told her he hadn't used IM since 7th grade. So you see, we have gotten grandma up to 20th century speed. Next year we will work on the 21st century. This might be another way to find out if my name is in the obituaries. On the other hand, the young set communicate by texting. No thanks. Don't need arthritic thumbs. I might need my thumbs to open child-proof pill bottles someday.

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