Saturday, November 8, 2008

Can I Give You a Snuggie?

At last. The perfect Christmas gift for those who live in cold climates. A Snuggie. That's not what you think. It's not a disposable diaper or some trickster yanking on your underwear but rather a warm blanket with sleeves. Everyone will be warm but look like they have joined some religious sect. They should be acceptable to fundamentalist women of a certain religion if they wear a head covering with them. They might be embraced by women who eat too much over the holidays and have midrift bulge. One size fits all or at least most people. They are gender neutral and modest. No Republican female candidate would blow the party budget wearing this $19.95 outfit. Even traditional nuns could add a little holiday cheer by going with the red. Judges could have a holiday alternative to the black robe.

Snuggies might be a good option for me these cool evenings. I honker down to watch TV or read in our leather chairs and freeze if I am not wrapped in blankets. Leather looks nice but is too cold in the summer when the AC is on and too cool in the winter for me. I usually cover the chair with one blanket and cover myself with another. Why don't I just turn up the thermostat? My husband is always too hot, that's why. We keep it at 70as a compromise.

While I agree it is better to keep the thermostat down to conserve resources, I would not be motivated to keep the thermostat down to save money. Our gas is free. That's right. It is free. For almost a year Excel Energy, who provide our electricity and gas, have sent our monthly bill with the charges for electricity according to useage and the charge for gas at $0. Zero. Nada. No charge. Last fall we thought our bills were low because we had installed a new superefficieint AC and furnace. Then we noticed the breakdown on the bill. All the charges were for electric use and gas was $0.00 Jon called Excel who thought we might have a failed meter and would have it checked. After a couple months he called again. The customer service agent was a bit snippy and said they knew about the problem. Okay. A couple more months and someone came to check the meter. A bit later it was replaced. The next bill? Zero for gas. $0.00 He called again. He mentioned we had a few furnace installed recently. They said they would check on it. We waited. Every month gas use is nada. We have a gas clothes dryer and hot water heater so use gas in the summer. Even if there had been some problem with the new furnace hookup, the dryer and water heater aren't new. As fall approached he wrote them a letter. Next month...the bill arrived. Again no charge for gas.
I am going to find out if Excel Energy has gas stations that sell petro for the car. We could use free gas for our vehicles too. Warren Buffet says there is plenty of natural gas.
Maybe I don't need that Snuggie after all. I think I will sneak over and set that thermostat at 75. Thanks Excel.

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