Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grandmas Rule

The twins other grandma, Mike's mom Candy, spent last night with the new family. She has been a Godsend. A supportive, loving woman who endeared herself to me forever when I saw her walk out of the nursery the first time she saw Roman and Zoe with tears (of joy) in her eyes. She is the grandma who outfits them with the cutest clothes. I am most thankful that she is the best mother in-law our Mary could have. I felt that way about my mother in-law. Both are warm, loving women who embraced their daughters in-law and loved their grandkids. My mother in-law Catherine kept a shelf of games and books at her house for the kids. When we visited she would take all of them and read, tell them stories or play games with them. She quietly snuck money into our hands for treats for the kids in the lean years. Go grandma. I miss her.
Little Zoe has the middle name Cate after her great grandma Catherine. Our older granddaughter Mina has the middle name Catherine after her and her maternal grandma.
Grandmas rule.
This morning I read an article about the inner circle of the Obamas. Michelle Obamas mother is the caregiver to their two children when they travel. She is a widow and some wonder if she will move into the White House as well. In any case, she will make the move to Washington. Grandmas rule?

It is a honeymoon period for the new President-elect. Even former opponents like Rudy Guiliani have wished them well. George Will actually endorsed Obama before the election. In one Newsweek column he said he reminded him of a young Reagan. I was proud of John McCain's gracious speech election night. I voted republican but don't feel bad about Obama winning. It was overdue. I hope people can give this man a chance now that he is to be president. God knows, he needs our prayers and acceptance. The challenges he faces are horrendous. When Abe Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand", he was quoting scripture. Good words to live by. We should not be our own enemy. We have enough of those in this dangerous world. And we have had enough bitter divisive attacks on everyone who seeks office. Judge by results, not prejudge by partisanship. Wait and see and don't forget to pray.

I was struck last night that the situation feels like the Huxtables are moving into the White House. ---an affluent, black family with a mom and dad who have a strong family dynamic. The wife is a lawyer and beautiful. Young kids. When The Cosby Show aired in the early 80's there had not been many situation comedies about black families. There probably hadn't been any about functional black families with a married couple, a dad who was intelligent and faithful and a wife/mom with a professional career. I hope Barack doesn't wear the sweaters.

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