Saturday, November 22, 2008

A One and A Two and A......

My mother in law, who came of age in the '30s, loved Lawrence Welk. When we went to their house for dinner on Saturday night, she would entertain the kids so I could watch his show. I usually protested, I disliked Welk. He seemed corny to me. She loved him but wanted me to have the treat. Hard to refuse her generous offer. Even a game of Monopoly seemed better than watching Lawrence Welk. I think I do things like that now. Try to get the kids to enjoy something I like but they probably don't.

Lawrence Welk was a big bandleader with a thick South Dakota German dialect. You just can't spell how he said "a-one-and-a-two" like he pronounced it.

We are busy counting in Minnesota. Our election is not over. OMG. When will it end? The possibility of a coup 'd etat or takeover by terrorists is starting to not look so bad. We had 2.9 million votes cast and the separation is now 107 votes. Al Franken and Norm Coleman camps are both being obnoxious about challenging votes. The political balance in the senate will be affected. Don't blame me. I voted for Independent Dean Barkley. Most of the people who voted for one of the other guys would probably like to change their votes to Barkley now too. Ballots are being challenged for frivolous reasons. One challenge: The voter cast a vote for the republican candidate for president and the democrat for senate or vice-versa. That can't be right. They challenge the ballot. HELLO. People do split the ballot. Anybody home?

I am tired of ranting. I don't think anyone reads my blog anymore. They are tired of my ranting too. HELLO. Anybody out there? Write a comment if you are. I will cover my eyes and count. A-one-and-a-two.......I am not coming out until we have a senator. It should only take a month or so. Meanwhile future candidates are lining up for 2012. Maybe Obama got it right. He put Hillary where he could watch her. She couldn't possibly campaign for president while she is Secretary of State, could she? Better keep an eye on Bill though. This is an ambitious family.

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Mary said...

I think you can catch some Lawrence Welk re-runs on Twin Cities Public television...Or watch the recount results. Your choice. :)