Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Picking Up Good Vibrations

Good old Beach Boys song, "Good Vibrations". Jon had the song as the ring tone on his cell phone the past couple of years. When he got a call, that song blasted out loud. Loud. He seldom has his cell in his pocket, so he needed to hear it ring from around the house. I got tired of "Good Vibrations".

When Andy was little he was his dad's companion on fishing/swimming trips in the boat. Jon had a waterproof boom box and a tapes of the Beach Boys that they liked. I'm sure they heard "Kokomo" and "Good Vibrations" often. Andy referred to them as the Beach Brothers when he was a pre-schooler. We didn't correct him because we thought it was cute.

Now our little guy, Romie, is cruising to good vibrations himself. Probably because he was a preemie he is a little fuss. High strung. What works wonders to settle him down is putting him in his "electric chair". It is a battery operated bouncy chair that reclines and vibrates to soothe him. It works wonders. Good vibrations for the littliest "beach brother". Maybe grandma should get him a little Hawaiian shirt. Cruisin' Romie. Surf's up.

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