Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cleanliness is Next to.....

Mr. Clean, AKA husband Jon, caught my attention the other day when he said he was "going out to the garage to vacuum my vacuum". Come again? I followed to see what that was about. He took our small, handheld vacuum out and cleaned it up inside with the Shopvac. How many people do that, I wondered.

Last night he mentioned he had "backed up my backup" on his computer. Careful guy. Swiss and German genes. Clean and methodical. His mom was the cleanest person I ever met. People's eyes get wide in disbelief when I say she would scrub her sidewalks yearly. Scrub them on hands and knees with a bucket and brush. She did the same on the siding of the house and garage floor. That place sparkled. All this was a mite intimidating for a new daughter in-law. I coped by not trying to keep up to those standards. It shows. Her legacy lives on with her son and daughter. Things in their keeping still sparkle but I don't think they do the sidewalks on hands and knees. How Catherine would have loved Jon's power washer. Does the job and saves the knees.

There is a benefit from living with Mr. Clean. Yesterday he cleaned the stove top and shined up the appliances. My feelings aren't hurt. I just have to remember to notice and give him a hug. Keep up the good work, Mr. Clean.

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