Monday, November 3, 2008

Tuesdays With Morrie

Doesn't the bottom picture of Romie look like the baby on the Gerber's Picante Sauce label? It must be the distressed look. The pictures on the left come from the babyblog Mary and Mike post. Maybe with that expressive face Roman has a future in baby modeling.
When kids are born I am the last to figure out who they look like. Many thought Roman looked like his grandpa Jon's side of the family. One of the comments on the babyblog came from a relative of dad Mike's family. "He looks like Morrie". Now I hope I can see a picture of Morrie. I find it hard to imagine what babies will look like grown up.
I spent Monday, not Tuesday, with "Morrie" and Zoe. They are experimenting with different formulas but the kids still spit up after feedings. They did this when breast fed too. Hopefully this will soon pass. It is distressing to the parents and the little ones. No picante sauce for little "Morrie".

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