Saturday, November 15, 2008

Private Eyes Are Watching....

I can hear the song, "Private Eyes Are Watching You" in my head. After Nov 4, we thought we would be through with politics for a while. Not to be. Our senatorial contest was a dirty one. Both major candidates flung stuff at each other. 40million $$ was spent. Most weren't impressed with the campaign. The third party candidate got 15% of the vote. On election night Norm Coleman, the republican incumbant, declared victory with about a 700 vote lead. That lead has shrunk to 206. The aftermath has been almost as dirty as the campaign. Lawsuits. False allegations that election officials were carting around absentee ballots in the trunks of their cars. Allegations of cheating. All this in Minnesota, the land of clean politics. We may have to take that off our signs.
One candidate was raised in Minnesota and lived much of his life in New York before moving back to qualify as a candidate for senator. The other candidate was raised in New York and moved to Minnesota. Who is the real Minnesotan? I dunno. The third party guy was responsible for getting Jesse Ventura in as guvner a few years ago. "Minnesota, the land of clean politics". I think "Minnesota, the land of strange politics" may stick instead.
We still don't have an official ruling on who won the senatorial contest. There will be a recount starting next week. It will take a month. There are recount panels. Recount official watchers, and now volunteers are coming forward to watch the watchers. Sounds like a third world election where Jimmie Carter mans the poling place. Maybe he will come too. He can watch the watchers who are watching the watchers. Is anybody still left to keep an eye on those bozos on Wall Street who have 700 billion of our $$$s and want more? Christmas is coming and they may not have enough to meet their bonuses.
God help us. Please.

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