Sunday, November 9, 2008

Qwerty meets Quirky

I'll have to check the dictionary, but I think I have found a Q word for Scrabble that doesn't need a U. Qwerty refers to the standard keyboard. Read across the second row starting at the left. Every now and then I hear of someone who wants to streamline the keyboard to make it more efficient. More efficient for them would not be helpful to me. I am a whiz on the standard keyboard. Actually, I was an award winning typist in my high school days. I could type 120 wpm accurately and have a lapel pin to prove it. I am still almost that fast now. Accuracy is not as important anymore now that you don't have to use correction fluid or carbon paper. Just fix your mistakes with delete and continue on.

Today's newspaper ads caught my eye with pictures of cell phones with qwerty keypads. Texters must appreciate this technology. Minutes before I had bristled when Jon asked me what I thought about the electronic "book" called Kindle. Quit messing with what works. I still barely understand our TV and can't play a DVD or record anything anymore. I can't play my CDs. Where did that "stereo" go? It was replaced by a bunch of black boxes with small print I can't see and functions I don't remember how to use. (There is a business someone could pursue catering to old ladies like me with fading vision who wish they still had their old equipment. Come to my house and set me up and never offer me an upgrade please. )After a moment's thought I acquiesed thinking Kindle would at least save space and paper. Saving paper is how computers were promoted in the workplace. Then everyone at work printed everything and a new techno tool, the shredder" was invented. Will Kindle save paper? I might like the idea of saving space and downloading books.

Jon just got a new cell phone contract so he could replace the phone. Why?? The old one worked fine. I understood its' functions pretty well. I could actually pick up messages. I am still lost on the new one. Even if it had a qwerty keypad, which it doesn't", I wouldn't be able to use my stiff fingers on such small buttons.

Every day I am becoming more like my mother who disliked new electronics. I can give up TV if I have to. I can listen to the radio instead of play CDs, but please publishers keep cranking out those printed books or I will despair.

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