Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Being Thankful

There is an old joke about picking up the newspaper, seeing your name isn't there and getting on with your day. I have often said that. Last week I picked up the paper, scanned the column alphabetically, and saw my name! Yikes. You would think I would be the first to know and not have to read that in the obituaries. I am fudging a bit, the last name was the same, not the first. The woman who died is distant kin who also lived in Stillwater. She had a son close in age to our older boys. Years ago we would often get calls at our house for him that I would redirect. One day I called her to see if the families were related. Since she also is an in-law we had to dig back to find the relationship. Her husband's hometown wasn't familiar to me. When I asked who his grandfather was, she said, "Peter". My husband's grandfather was also Peter but a different Peter. When I have read Jon's geneology the names Peter, John and Michael appear often. This family was distantly related but the families were so big we didn't know the 2nd or 3rd cousins.

Anyway, she died not me. I am still here and grateful for it. Someday my name will be in the paper. Someday all of our names will be in the paper if there are still newspapers around.

I hope we don't see the disappearance of the rags while I am still around. It just won't be the same reading about my demise in a blog.

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