Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not Gopher Prairie Home Companion

I'm looking forward to a real "Americana" experience marking the 4th of July this weekend. Son in-law Mike asked if we wanted to be in the audience for the live radio show, "A Prairie Home Companion". The radio show, a nostalgic look at life in a small town, balances the scathing portrayal Sinclair Lewis gave us of small towns in the book, "Main Street". There are the same flawed characters but Keillors folks are more loveable.
It is the 35th anniversary of this show and Garrison Keillor is taking it home where it started. The party will be in Lake Wobegon Park in Avon, MN. This is mythical Lake Wobegon and just a couple miles down the road from St. John's University where he began broadcasting the show. I went to school in the area and the characters ring true.
I plan to wear the colors and eat some powdermilk biscuit strawberry shortcake. Check the website. I wonder if we stroll around town could we find the Sidetrack Tap and (the church of )Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility?
You may also have great plans for the fourth. If not, join us. Bring your lawn chair and a sense of humor. Maybe they will have Jello salad and hot dish at the vendors. The website says they will have Bee-bop-a-ree-bop rhubarb pie.

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