Thursday, May 31, 2007

Communications 101

Are you familiar with the line from the movie, "Cool Hand Luke", where the warden says to Paul Newman; "What we have here is a failure to communicate"? I think that quote has worked it's way into the everyday vernacular.

This is Hell Week at our house. By tomorrow night we expect to have all the flooring in and hopefully the furniture moved back in place. I'm betting the "big TV" gets moved in before the couch.

I blogged about getting irritated with the guy from the store who changed the installation schedule a few times. The last we heard was, "We'll be there Tuesday first thing." Of course, I was up early. First thing for me is 8:00 AM. First thing for him apparently was not 8:00 AM. When they were not here by 10:10, I called the store. I was polite, but expressed by displeasure and asked if they were coming. She assured me they would be there shortly. I guess his idea of first thing (the store opens at 10:00am) and mine were not defined. He treated me with kid gloves after that. Now, I am usually a pretty pleasant person, but I think I may have acquired a different reputation for myself with that call. Yesterday, he told me they would be here today at 10:30.

I have attended countless seminars, classes etc. on communicating with the public. This sure drove home how important it is to understand what the other person understands.

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