Tuesday, May 29, 2007


After years of planting only plants that grow in shady areas, I was delighted to buy some sun loving perennials. The front of our house has sun most of the day. Unfortunately, we have crushed rock between the bushes across the front. This weekend, I decided to tackle a project to remove some of the rock and make a spot for perennials. I have three little plots done. I planted Ruby Red Stella Daylilies and yellow Colombine and a variety of annuals for color. I can't wait until the daylilies bloom. They will bloom well into fall as will the Columbine. I carefully picked perennials that would bloom all summer.

Fifteen years ago we had 9 cubic yards of crushed rock delivered to provide groundcover in areas around the house. You cannot imagine what a dastardly job spreading that much rock is unless you have done it one wheel barrow and shovel at a time. My advice: Don't use rock. Use mulch. My oldest son, Daniel, advised getting rid of it and using mulch and planting more flowers. This is my initial effort. I removed a couple buckets of rock. I think if I do this every year for the next 150 years or so, I will get the job done. Did I mention, don't use rock? Anyway, when I dug up the rock some was mixed with dirt. I wanted to dispose of it somewhere off the property. My husband, with a perfectly straight face, said; "Don't get rid of it . I need some rock." Right. He washed the dirt off the rock and reinstalled it thicker in another spot. Looks like I will be picking that rock up again someday. Maybe I don't have such a good start after all. Wish me luck. I am glad I have knee pads to crawl around on that surface.

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