Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vin Dao Gorge

More news from #3 son who is in China. He is experiencing cultural overload at times and gave in to temptation and ate KFC,the only American restaurant in his town. He said he believes in cultural immersion, but desperately needed to retreat for a bit. His other culinary delights have been eating pig's brain and duck blood. Again, I have similar past experiences. As a child, we had a neighbor and friend of mom's who cooked a Polish goose blood soup called Churnina. (I am not sure of that spelling.) It also had prunes and potatoes in the recipe. I am pretty sure they served pig's brains in the elementary school cafeteria in some of the "hot dishes".

Andy also talked about visiting Vin Dao Gorge on Saturday. The bus carried them over scary, bumpy roads. They observed Chinese methods of road building that involved a very intensive manual labor program with people chipping away at boulders with hammers and chisels. No wonder China is prospering with such a work ethic. I have been complaining about picking up small rocks. They are moving mountains, literally.

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