Wednesday, June 17, 2009

American Sign Language

If you are easily offended or are eating your breakfast now , you might want to skip this blog.
You might want to skip this blog if you have class. Someone close to me used to define class as "Someone who doesn't pee in the shower". Okay, forewarned.

It was recently announced we would be getting new signage for airport exits off the freeways. The main terminal is Lindbergh Terminal at Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport. The auxiliary airport which is growing in use, is called the Humphrey Terminal at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. I remember a few decades ago we called it Wold-Chamberlain Field. Then "the airport". Even some locals were getting confused. To simplify things, they want to direct people to Number 1 or Number 2 terminal. Lots of cities do that. Easy to remember. The new signs will cost 1.4 million $$$. We are in a financial meltdown, couldn't we have temporarily fixed the old signs with duct tape? Maybe I watch too much of The Red Green Show.

Today's paper had a comment from someone who said using Number 1 & 2 reminded him of his childhood. Kids had to ask the teacher if they wanted to leave their desks and use the facilities. Raise one finger for you know what and two for a longer leave. It struck me, why did we have to tell the teacher WHAT we wanted to do in the bathroom?

In those middle years between wearing tiny Pampers and Adult sized ones, no one asks about No.1 or 2. It is our business. If you watch the evening news commercials you would think bodily functions are a common topic of conversation. They are not. Not yet. But from my experience with the geriatric set when I was a nurse, I think those days aren't far off. Right now the only time I want to hear "Number 2" is when my husband orders his special breakfast at the local diner.

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