Monday, June 1, 2009

Would Be Good Ash Wednesday Blog

This is a true story. Jon and I stopped to apologize to our pastor for giggling in church (uncontrollably) during his preaching yesterday. I won't say what struck us funny , but he told us this story about a similar incident that made him laugh. Years ago when he was a Youth Pastor, he was teaching a group of teens. He read the text, "Remember man that thou art but dust...". One kid asked , "What's but(t) dust?" (Was this an innocent question or a cheeky kid? )

Oh, my.

One might think that telling a story like this about scripture would provoke the Almighty to send lightning bolts and thunder. I think God has a sense of humor. I am also feeling particularly brave and even if he sent the thunder and lightnin' it might be followed by rain which would be a blessing. We are in a drought. This is the driest month of May since the late 1800's. Pretty soon we may all be but dust....

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