Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just Name Him Arnold Z. Pig

When I received an e-mail from my sister titled, "I've found my pig", I hurried to open it. Bet you don't get mail like that. When Carolyn and Mike visited last year, she related interest in getting a pig for the ranch. Mike did a mental eye roll I think. He is a good husband and smart and wouldn't really roll his eyes. I think he reacted to our talk about him going to get the pig in the Lexus. They do have a truck but the image of the Lexus was more amusing. Now Carolyn writes she has found the breed she wants and sent a link to a site about a "Large Black Boar". "One is available in Missouri", she wrote. Inconvenient since they live in Texas. Must be a special pig.

My sis and husband moved to a small ranch when he retired and they love the lifestyle. I had always seen my sister as being the cat in the Fancy Feast commercials vs. me as a barn cat. I thought she would be more like Ava Garbor in Green Acres. Wrong. She loves critters and is kept happy and busy with goats, sheep, calves, chickens and cats and dogs. She teaches bible studies, is a fantastic cook and loves her growing bunch of grandkids. They will have wonderful memories of going to grandma and grandpas and tending critters.

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