Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keeping Cool

We ran away for a few days this week. After whining that spring and early summer was too cool, we got a taste of hot, steamy weather. Early in the week it was mid to high 90's with thick wet air. We had planned on going to Milwaukee for a few days but changed our minds as we were crossing the border into Wisconsin thinking that the hot weather we were experiencing was there too. We went north to Bayfield which is one of our favorite places to escape the heat. It was about 70 degrees when we arrived. A bonus for us.....the lupine are in bloom. This flower that I cannot coax to bloom in my yard grows in perfusion in ditches and fields. This wildflower is called a blue bonnet in Texas.

I read the local paper online and just read a story about a local (Stillwater) waterfront establishment opening an "Ice Bar". It is made of ice. They serve drinks in ice "glasses". Guess you don't have to go to Bayfield after all but I would rather relax on a deck viewing that beautiful harbor and seeing the waves of blue, pink and purple lupine anyway. We could still order an iced tea at the Ice Bar.

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