Friday, June 19, 2009

Catch and Release

My husband, who returned recently from a fishing trip on Rainy Lake up north, frequently releases his catch . We aren't big fish eaters.
I mistakenly said he was in far northern Minnesota. The cabin was in Canada on a lake bordering both countries.
There are lots of big fish in Canadian waters and now we know why. Fishing rules protect the fish. You can't keep a fish over 27" long or under 17". Most of the fish they caught were trophy sized. This not only keeps fishing fun, it keeps lots of big fish around. They are the spawners who make the little fish. It also keeps fisherman and their families from mercury poisoning. Paper mills in Canada have left some lakes polluted with mercury.
Jon has my blessings when he goes on these fishing expeditions. We have an understanding. Don't bring any fish home. This time I didn't remind him. Canada will only let you take one fish per fisherman out of the country.
His friend's cabin is on an island on a very big border lake. It is a 21 mile boat trip from the launch. I wonder if all the fish congregate on the Canadian side of the lake where they are safer. Word must get out in school. Tee hee.
I saw the clip of President Obama swatting the fly during a White House interview the day it happened. I quipped, "This is going to get a reaction from PETA."
The next day brought complaints that he was not as kind as budda who wouldn't harm a fly and suggestions how to do humane catch and release outdoors of those pesky insects. I usually apologize if I might offend anyone with something I write. Today I won't apologize when I ask, "ARE THEY NUTS?"

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