Friday, June 12, 2009

In the Land of Red Green

I've been a fishing widow all week. Jon is "up north" with two old buddies. They are on a lake that is divided between Minnesota and Canada. He called a bit ago saying they were back in civilization and had phone service. According to Jon, it was a great week. They caught lots of big walleye, a clam and one sea gull. Hopefully, they did catch and release with the gull and clam. How do you catch a clam on a fishing line?
For years Jon's friend Dave has come from New Hampshire once or twice a year for their fishing trip. Years ago they would get up at dawn and get out on the lake. They would fish all day and one last time after dinner. Now, they sleep in. Go out to breakfast and sometimes hire someone to clean and cook their catch. They are getting closer to the way I like fishing... Go to the fish monger, chose a nice one and.... Never mind, order it in a restaurant.

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