Tuesday, June 2, 2009

N.A.R.N.I.A.----Story of My New Club

This tale has no wardrobe, witch or lion. This is about my new club.

It is June and once again "vetting time". We have a supreme court nominee whose past decisions are being scrutinized. I heard this story on the radio yesterday. Looking for any past cases that may tell how she would vote on Second Amendment cases, her involvment in a lower courts opinion on the legality of nunchucks was discussed.

There is a New Yorker who is fighting to overthrow a New York state law banning nunchucks.

He claims they have no right to interfere with his right to bear arms and anyway nunchucks are a defensive weapon. They are a couple of attached sticks. This story has a more serious side. His father was stabbed to death and he proposes nunchucks are a great defensive weapon against knives. NOW he had my attention. I am more afraid of someone pulling a knife on me than a gun. That may not make sense, but it is how I feel.

I know the right to have a gun is a hot button issue. I know about the Second Amendment. I know there is a bullet shortage because some believe the current administration wants to restrict their Second Amendment rights. My dad hunted. I have many friends who have licenses to carry concealed and one with a loaded shotgun by the kitchen door. I am neutral. I wouldn't put a sign on my front lawn that says, "No Guns Allowed on These Premises" because I am not stupid. Duh! Don't let the robber with a gun know if you don't have a gun.

When they teach gun training, they say never draw your weapon if you couldn't actually use it. I couldn't use it. I could grab my nunchucks. I would need some martial arts instruction to actually scare the bad guys. The only problem is having them readily available. I could hang them from my belt if I wore a belt. I wouldn't drape them around my neck because then the bad guy would strangle me with my own weapon. Having your own weapon used against you if why I am not "Gun hoe" about guns.

So I have a new club. (I don't have the nunchucks "clubs" yet.) There is a club you can join online called N.A.R.N.I.A. That is an acronym for National Alliance for Relief from Nunchucka Intolerance in America. That is a lot to remember for someone who couldn't even spell nunchuck before yesterday. Always thought that word was numchucks. Nunchucka? Is that plural. Are two sticks chained together referred to singularly or as a plural? Nunchucka sounds like a Native American chant to me.

I always Google for my blogging graphics but can't use what I found today. I would offend my Catholic friends and relatives. If you are curious, go to Google and click on images and type in nunchucks. It's not that bad but that is the opinion of a woman who wore a nun's habit to a party recently. Hmmm. I do have a belt on that outfit where I could attach my nunchucks. I might look as scary as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. That gives me an idea. Our youngest had all the "turtles" gear when he was six. Maybe there are some nunchucka packed away with his boyhood toys.

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Kevin Underhill said...

I have not posted on this story again yet, but remarkably Mr. Maloney is still pursuing his case and it might actually reach the U.S. Supreme Court. The federal appellate court ruled against him because it held the Second Amendment did not apply to the states. He's appealing!

Thanks for the link to Lowering the Bar.

-- Kevin