Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Less Alarming Than I Thought

I'm off on a short road trip today with a friend. She had mentioned getting an early start so when we talked yesterday she asked what time were we leaving. I came back with "Nine o'clock". She replied that eight was what she was thinking. I told her I'd call when I was up and ready.
Since retirement my alarm clock has been retired too. I am not a late sleeper, but I wake up when I wake up. Occasional bouts of insomnia coupled with periods where I burn the midnight oil have left me catching sleep when I can. I told my husband about not wanting to set an alarm to "go on vacation". Wise man that he is, he said most people live by waking to an alarm to get up for work. When they are on vacation they enjoy a break from that regime. He reminded me I am on perpetual vacation and have reversed the situation. Now I should set the alarm. Get going.
I set the alarm for 6:00am. I awoke around 2:00am. That is why I am blogging now. It seems I have plenty of time to get ready and won't disappoint my friend who wants to get an early start. Maybe she would answer her phone if I called now. Might be better to wait until sunrise.

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