Monday, June 29, 2009

Three's Company

We got some relief tonight on the network news. They did not devote the entire half hour to Michael Jackson's death. They also talked about the death of Billy Mayes, Gail Storm and Fred Travelena. I am not sure if that is progress. My son remarked, "That is 2 sets of three". People sometimes superstitiously believe deaths come in threes. Nurses frequently say that. I was a nurse. I used to say that. Last week we had Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and Michael Jackson. Three. Now three more. People die every day and there were probably some other minor luminaries that passed recently but I am guessing newspeople rounded up to three by including Gail Storm. I know who she is but most probably don't. I am older than dirt and remember "My Little Margie", a sitcom from the 50's. We haven't heard much from her since. I don't think she changed her skin color, carved up her nose with plastic surgery or was accused of child molestation.
I read a memoir a couple years ago written by the widow of Jackie Kennedy Onassis' nephew. She coined the phrase " death groupie". These are people who carry on as emotionally distraught when they had not know the deceased very well. Many fans liked Michael Jackson and he was globally popular but I think I have seen enough weeping, distraught women for a while. His life was pretty sad and his death will probably continue to be freaky.

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