Saturday, June 20, 2009

Don't Drink the Water When You Cross the Border

I am one of the older cousins among my mom's family and remember well when my Aunt Elaine gave birth to twins in her late thirties. Twins were fairly rare in the 1950's. She lived in a small Wisconsin border town, population less than 1000 at the time. Having twins was unique. Within a short time her childhood friend whose name I think was Anita, had triplets. I guess she always had to do her one better.

Twin cousins Diane & Donna and me
It would seem there might be something in the water in small Wisconsin border towns. News yesterday is of the birth of quintuplets at Abbott Northwestern hospital. This is fifth set of quintuplets delivered there since 2000. The parents are from the small Wisconsin border town of River Falls, population 12,500. The paper says they will be getting advice on raising quints from another River Falls family who had quintuplets in 2003. Amazing. Two sets of quints in the same town in five years. It must be something in the water .... or the cheese.

They have set up a web site to disseminate information. I remember when both parents and all the grandparents were busy helping care for of our daughter Mary & Mike's five # preemie twins. I wish the quints family good luck and a lot of help. I feel lead to send a little something. They also have a 19 month old girl. If you are moved, here is the address:

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