Saturday, June 6, 2009

Csar is Something You Could Do to Improve Your Job Hunt

Have you noticed how often you hear of a federal appointment of a Czar lately? We now have a Cyber Czar, a Green Czar, a Border Czar, and a Budget Czar. We really do. (We could use a car Csar.) There is probably a much longer list of Czars. I haven’t heard of any called Czarina, but Nancy-Ann De Parle is the Health Czar.
Picture: the Air Force has a Combat Search And Rescue unit with the acronym CSAR. Guess they are looking for Elvis. Wonder if they have checked that Walmart in Ohio where there was a sighting.

It was several decades ago that I first heard of an Energy Czar and a Drug Czar. These are appointed federal position of management. The candidates don’t have royal blood or elected status. I find it an amusing title. Do you think they have a parking space reserved for the Csar?

When the Navy came to the rescue of American seamen captured by Somali pirates I thought we could use a Sea Czar too. Maybe that would be pushing it. You wouldn’t want anyone saying, "Hail Sea Czar".

This week President Obama appointed a Great Lakes Environment Czar. Is that close enough? It sure would be an easier position to fill. I would rather be Lake Czar than Sea Czar. You don’t have to deal with dangerous pirates off the eastern coast of Africa. The worst foe might be the lamprey.

Who screens for all these Csar positions? Do they have a Csar Csar in Human Relations?
In this current bleak job market, a name change to Csar might be an advantage. Remember Major Major Major in “Catch 22”?

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