Monday, June 8, 2009

The Winner from Winner

Lots of human interest stories this weekend about the 23 yr. old cowboy from South Dakota who won a Powerball Jackpot of 88 million post-tax buckerinos. Besides the interest of this being a down on his luck working cowpoke, he comes from a town called Winner. His last name is Wanless. Until now he was winless. At the press conference he thanked God, vowed to not squander the money, and promised to help his neighbors.

He is single. Poor guy. It might be hard to find a wife. There will be plenty of candidates looking for him, but how do you sort those out?

He hasn't quit his job as a cowboy. Eighty-eight million and he shows up for work. Not many people would do that. Bet he gets a good performance review for a lot of reasons especially if he is as good at lassoing cows as he is at cash.

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