Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Annie Get Your Gun

Fair warning. If you tell me something and neglect to say you told me "in confidence" your remarks might appear in this blog.
My Nunchucka blog brought an e-mail response from my Texas sister. She wasn't as enthusiastic as I about nunchucks, but said she was considering a 410 pistol for defense against snakes and varmin. The gun she was considering was a two shot pistol.

I would need more than a two shot pistol for the snakes. The target might move. Carolyn said she had seen a 6 inch baby garden snake on her sidewalk recently. Do you think she could have hit that with a pistol? You could have clubbed it to death with the pistol but it would be hard to shoot a vital part of a skinny six-inch slithering snake in my opinion.

I am sympathetic to my sister's dilemma. She lives in Texas. They have wildlife that can hurt you. Snakes. I do want her to stay safe. So far her only defense against snakes has been the chickens. When they started ranching, they built up a flock of chickens who were also useful to patrol for baby rattlesnakes. The chickens can safely eat the little snakes which are more venomous that the bigger rattlers. Who knew. I wonder what happens when you eat the chicken that ate the highly poisonous snake. Wouldn't that make an interesting episode of CSI Texas?

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