Monday, June 22, 2009

My latest Book

I confess my "light" summer reading has been a little dark lately. I started reading a series of books by Patricia Cornwell about a medical examiner. Think of it as CSI in paperback. I don't watch CSI or similar TV shows because they are macabre. The books had engaging stories but I needed a break from dark fiction so I was glad when the library notified me a book on my reserve list was available.
I picked up Christopher Buckley's , "Losing Mum & Pup" and began reading his memoir. It is about coping with the death of his mom and dad within a year. So much for lighter reading and getting away from death.
I always liked William F. Buckley. We used to watch him on "Firing Line". Though I didn't agree with everything he said, I loved the way he said it. I loved his mannerisms. I can still envision his tics... his expressive face, and the erudite way he expressed himself. The book is a sometimes irreverent tale told by his son Christopher who first piqued my interest when he endorsed Barach Obama last year. That left me scratching my head. Regardless of your politics, it is an interesting read.

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