Wednesday, May 13, 2009

10 Things to Ponder

1. I didn't get the Swine Flu. I read a comment in the paper's Bulletin Board section this morning saying since pork is now cheap after bad press from the swine flu, will they please name the next flu the "Beer Flu"?

2. Some are proclaiming early indicators say the recession is ending. Imagine, this happened before I got my SS stimulus check. Did we need the stimulus spending or did it help?

3. It is the end of the reality show season. We will know who is the thinnest, best dancer, most loved singer and survived a snake infested island or raced around the world quickest. I don't watch all of these shows but am guilty of watching some. Perhaps virtual reality has been more pleasant than "real" reality. Were we more righteous when we just worried about what the Nelsons Family would talk about at dinner? Comparitively speaking, we probably were more innocent when we were interested in Ozzie and Harriet instead of Ozzy and Sharon.
Do you think there will be another reality show where the contestants must be the best singer/dancer who loses the most weight while racing around the world and visits snake infested islands?

4. How can I stop the bunny rabbits from eating my impatients and newly planted expensive shrubs? A friend claims Liquid Fence works for deer and rabbits. My son in law has turned into Elmer Fudd defending his perenniel grasses and shrubs.

5. You can freeze eggs. You can even freeze human eggs. I listened to a woman on the book beat yesterday tout her book about reproductive choices. She suggests freezing the young eggs to keep options open. A woman could preserve her fertility, work at her career, then stay home and have babies later. Our last was born when I was almost 41. I don't think giving birth in your 50's would be that great.

6. Travel is cheap, cheap, cheap. Seven day cruises to Alaska which include airfare are under $500. Accommodations might be in the lifeboat but you would eat well on the trip and enjoy the same sights. One Mexican seaside resort offers a guarantee of three free weeks if you contact the Swine Flu while vacationing. With health officials less worried about half of the world perishing from flu it would be a good time to get bargains.

7. Why is it we read about someone promoting leading a simpler lifestyle and we are encouraged to read their book or take their seminar? Is that simpler? Even in tough economic times entrepreneurial minds are at work.

8. The seed business is booming. My husband's cousin works for a major seed company and he says business is up 80%. Years ago you could harvest your own seeds and replant. Now most are engineered so you must buy their seed every year. There is also a boom in heritage seeds. My mom saved a lot of things but I didn't find any tomato seeds after she died. Who knew.

9. With the demise of several major auto brands, will we have to buy spare parts for Hummers and Saterns on eBay in the future?

10. Why are movies booming just when so many now have big flat screen TVs? Maybe it is driven by the guys for whom TV is never big enough. They are bringing back 3-D and sensory experiences at the theatres. The seats will move with the action. All of these are retro moves. Now if they would like to restore 1960 pricing ......

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