Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Face to Face

I am now my own best friend after responding to my own invite on Facebook. The beauty of this is, I have no clue how I did the inviting. Since Facebook communicates by email the email I send myself is undeliverable. Can't send yourself a message at the same address and I haven't given them my second email address.

At least my pathetic home page might look better now. Before this I had only three friends. Three friends make me look like a loser. I have heard prospective employers search Facebook pages to get a feel for job applicants. What would they think about me? A 64 yr. old woman with only three friends! Good thing I am not looking for a job.

I shall remain a faceless person with few friends and no readers. Not much different than my blog, I guess although people email me about reading my blog, I have only one official "follower", my daughter. It hasn't stopped me yet.

Have a good day. I think I will check in with my alter-ego and see how things are going.

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