Friday, May 8, 2009

Plenty of Money ??

Here is my favorite Republican: Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty. He came up with a common sense answer again. Several years ago the state of MN loaned St. Paul $$$ to build an ice arena / convention center called the Excel Center. It was a good investment and has brought business to the capital city and is the home of the Minnesota Wild Hockey team. Now, St. Paul has plans to add another ice rink across the street. They asked for and got the legislature to pass legislation forgiving $32,000,000.00 of debt owed the state. Gov. Pawlenty vetoed the bill and scolded St. Paul for it's priorities in this year of tight budgets.
I guess he figured they had plenty of ice and we didn't have plenty of money.
On the national scene, yesterday a report on the health of the banks was made public. It was optimistic and predicted survival. They only need another $78,000,000,000.00 . My finances would be pretty good too with another seventy-eight billion dollars.

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