Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When Pigs Fly-- part two

Loved my son in-law's comment on yesterday's "When Pigs Fly" blog. It has happened. Pigs have flown, after all : "Swine Flu (flew)".

I think it is the end of the world.

We were in Wisconsin yesterday with our old friends who are visiting from New Hampshire. The "boys" recently reconnected with a boyhood friend who lived on their block. 45 years had passed since they saw each other, but the friendship and memories are still intact. They are going fishing together for a week in June. That should be fun and recement the friendship -or- it will be another 45 years until they want to see each other.

When we were there he remarked that there was one case of Swine Flu in the next little town. The schools were closed. Don't you think school aged kids might have fond memories of the Swine Flu?

Today is the real Cinco de Mayo. It was celebrated last Saturday in West St. Paul. Andy had planned to go but decided not to tempt fate. I guess he had second thoughts about eating food prepared by someone who may or may not have recently been in Mexico. Instead, he and his girlfriend went to the Festival of Nations. Later he laughed wondering if it really was safer to attend an event held in an indoor arena.

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