Monday, May 4, 2009

When Pigs Fly

When I first heard about the current near pandemic flu strain's composition (part avian, part swine, part human), "when pigs fly" popped into my mind. That used to mean the unbelievable; something that will never happen. I think most of what has happened in the last half-year falls into the category of "when pigs fly". Who would have foreseen these economic events and how we are nearly numb to someone proposing to spend a billion here, a billion there. Just charge it.

Unbelievable times and now this flu. I Googled to get a picture of a flying pig and didn't immediately get a hit. Then I noticed I had entered "lying pigs" not flying pigs. You would think Google would have come up with some pictures of politicians or hedge fund managers or the media!

Pigs. Much maligned. Last year my sister gave me a book, "The Good, Good Pig". I enjoyed it and pigs rose a bit in my estimation. That book is probably not a best seller now.
I heard there were riots in Egypt yesterday. Farmers were protesting the governments decision to shoot all the pigs in Egypt. There is no flu in Egypt (yet). The Flu is spread by human to human contact. And, why are there pigs in Egypt? Isn't that a muslim country?

While US pork farmers' livelihood is threatened due to fear of pork, Mexico, where the epidemic is the worst, is buying more Spam. That is pork in a can. Smart people. It has long, long shelf life and will probably be a bargain.
Maybe we will see some of those famous chefs on TV cooking with Spam. Don't believe it? That could only happen "when pigs fly".

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Mike said...

Well we can never say "when pigs fly" know why?

Because the "Swine Flu"!!!