Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Volkscar for the Volks

Remember the origin of the Volkswagen? A car for the people. Unfortunately, it is a legacy of The Fuhrer. This efficient country also gave us the autobahn, a road that tied the country together and helped Hitler move his army quickly. General Eisenhauer saw the benefit and when he was president initiated our national interstate system. So far so good. But, we still didn't have a small, mileage efficient vehicle mass produced for "the people". Wait no more. They are coming by government mandate. Yesterday, Washington set the benchmark for our auto producers to increase gas efficiency in vehicles. That sells well on the coasts. I bet it doesn't sell well in Texas. Texans like fuel efficient cars are well as Californians do, but they do not like having the feds tell them what they must drive. They probably will not like the President telling the American auto makers what to produce. Oh, I forgot. We the people now own Detroit.
My second son is a Dittohead. We often tell him to turn down his volumn when he relates his views and that of his radio talkshow favorites, but a lot of it makes sense. A lot of it is bombastic and I tune that out. Federal car mandates are not well received with the right.
Oh, there is always a silver lining in life. I dumped my financial mutual fund investments the day they started regaining strength. I prefer to think I took a bullet for the country rather than I was stoopid! My sale might have been the tipping point that got the rally going. I dont' think I will repurchase that fund with the money I have waiting in money market accounts in my IRA. I think I will cash out and buy some of those cheap big SUVs and muscular 350 pickup trucks. Then I will wait until all you can buy manufactured in America is 4 cylinder, lightweight cars. Those big SUVs and pickups might fetch a good price in the Republic of Texas. I think this latest action is going to tick them off.

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