Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Constant Gardener Sets the Table

It's a seasonal disorder I suffer from: Garage sale shopping. After finding more than enough clothes for summer for the twins, I relapsed into my other weakness. Yesterday I purchased four tableclothes at an estate sale. I was overjoyed. They were 25cents each and fit large enough to fit my dining room table when it is fully extended with five leaves in it. One was a brand new Christmas table cloth in the sealed package with a $40.00 price tag from Herbergers.

Why do I get these great deals? Because no one but me uses tableclothes. My mum did and I think she would be excited at my purchases. One was white and one was peach. I have three or four of each of those colors already. Help!

Today was cold and only the hearty Minnesotan would be out garage saleing. I was. I vowed NO MORE TABLE LINES. Not even placemats or linen napkins. I kept that promise but forgot I also have a penchant for silk flowers. I use them to fill in color in my garden. I have always had a lot of shade and it is hard to get plants that flower all summer. I add a few to my daylily beds, add a few here and there. Is that cheating? Probably. This morning I got two large boxes of various colored silk flowers at a church rummage sale for $1. I keep a pink flower garden, one in purple and blue, another in oranges and related colors with lots of coleus and another in yellow and white. I don't think I will put them in until summer flowers are blooming.

I also got a bunch of real violas that can go in today when it is a cool spring day. From the pictures, can you tell the real flowers from the fake? Maybe I can get by with this.

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