Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Training But Not For the Marathon

Another one of "those" emails with a fantastic claim found its way to my computer yesterday. I watched the You tube video and was amazed. What if these claims were true? Another link to a series of lectures on you tube gives more information with some credibility. Superbrain Yoga. Claims of improvement in function and well being after doing a simple regime to stimulate the limbic system to function normally and regulate brain chemistry. We treat neurological and mental health problems with medication (alter brain chemistry) so why not? Most agree exercise helps depression. If it is true, it seems like a simple treatment. Claims are improvement in memory, reversing dementia and depression and treatment for autism.
Judge for yourself. Interesting. Now if I can just do those deep squats while remembering to keep my thumbs facing out. That should get easier with practice...the thumb part.

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