Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Donald Ducks the Charges

His ex-wife dubbed him "The Donald". Donald Trump, a guy with an ego to match his real estate holdings, has spoken. Did he defend the blonde because she was wrongly maligned? What did it matter if she came in first or second? She got lots of free publicity for her career. Did he promote her because there is a yet unreveled career move of hers financed and promoted by him? Was what came out of her mouth justified? Did "The Donald" do the right thing? Do we care?
I think he was wrong. I admit to watching the spectacle and think Joan Rivers acted like an idiot. She was rude. She maligned her competitor. She has issues.
Another distressed blonde was rescued by the Donald yesterday. Miss California was accused of bigotry for her answer to a question about gay marriage. He got it right. The judge in the pageant asked her for her opinion. She gave it. She didn't pass the litmus test of the judge and he was disrespectful of her.
I doubt if we would have remembered her in a month if she had won the Miss Universe pageant. Now we will because of the controversy. What was the name of the contestant who actually won the Miss USA title?
Her defense of the nude photos was a little thin. What woman wouldn't notice if the wind accidentally blew open her clothes? If it was accidental, I think there would have been a shot of a surprised woman clutching her blouse. Even this probably won't hurt her career. Who remembers the #2 contestant who replaced Vanessa Williams as Miss America decades ago? We do know what became of Vanessa Williams.
I don't think virtue has much to do with beauty pageants or "The Celebrity Apprentice". The Donald still knows how to get publicity and make money. My husband says the charges against Miss California USA were "Trumped Up".

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