Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God Save the Queen Some Money

My sister jokingly said her youngest granddaughter has her personality and when she grows up would probably like to be Queen of her own country. She is a beautiful girl and might accomplish that feat. Would that make my sis the Queen Grandmum?

Funny story on the BBC news last night about a 109 yr. UK woman who complained that the Queen had sent her the same birthday card every year since she turned 100. She wanted to see a card with a different picture of the queen. She thought they should change the dress. I bet QE2's social secretary doesn't get many complaints like that. They sent Prince William out to the woman's house for tea to appease her. She was thrilled but I bet on her 110th birthday the picture of the Queen on the card will change.

If I were the Queen of the UK I would probably have ordered a few thousand of the same card to send as well. For years I have recycled birthday cards. As long as my husband's name is written on the envelope and my signature is inside, I see no reason not to snatch the card back and give it to him again next year. I expressed my sentiments about the high price of Hallmark cards one year and my daughter and youngest son gave me cards with post-it notes stuck to the inside and on the envelope. They had a note telling me I could recycle this card too. I have.

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