Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And Justice For All

Bet you thought Minnesota wouldn't make anymore political news. We would be stuck trying to settle our senatorial election. It has only been six months since the election. The next leg of the decision making starts in June with the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Here's what is new. Supreme Court Justice Souter wants to retire to his camp on a pond in New Hampshire. That is what they call lakes and cabins in New Hampshire. Remember the movie "On Golden Pond?". Here is would translate, "On Golden Lake".

Anyway, there is a vacancy Pres. Obama will get to fill. Chances are pretty good he will nominate a Democrat and a woman. I am all for a woman taking the seat. One of the women suggested is Minnesota's lone Senator Amy Klobuchar. Wouldn't that be fun! We would have no senator. Pundits suggest that would be one way to settle our election dispute. Amy goes to the court; our Republican Governor sends Norm Coleman to replace her, and Al Franken is free to be declared the winner of the election. Whoever thought Minnesota politics was boring.
Are you sure Harold Stassen is still dead? Anybody heard from Jesse lately? Maybe there are other options.

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