Friday, May 15, 2009

Watch for Signs Ahead

Today I met the twins daycare mom. I need to pick them up one afternoon at daycare next week and needed to know how to get there and have her know who I was. While we were visiting she asked Mary, our daughter, if Mary and Mike were okay with her beginning to teach the kids sign language for the pre-verbal baby. We will all have to learn so we can communicate and understand.

I am thrilled with the prospect of finding out what is on those little minds. There are simple action signs the kids are taught such as hand signals that mean " drink", "hot", "cold", "eat" and "more". ( I wonder if there is a sign for, "I just feel like crying. Not hungry. Not tired. ")

You chose how extensive you want their vocabulary and how much all the adults can learn.

Since the six month Dr. appt. they have been getting strained food. Roman is a chow hound. Once he is strapped in his high chair he wants the feeding to begin. Pronto. Don't slow down and don't quit. He likes his food. He also likes his bottle. Mary laughed thinking how insufferable he might become when he could sign "eat" and "more".

After they have mastered basic signs it won't be long before they are jingling the car keys and putting out a hand to dad for $10. Those days come fast.

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