Thursday, May 7, 2009

Musings on a May Day

It looks like we may not need my "swine flu food stash". About six months ago I increased the food stores at home. In the event of a national disaster / epidemic, there would probably be a run on grocery stores. Why not have more on hand. Can't hurt and you can always donate excess food to the local food shelf.
This darn swine flu has scared us twice in my lifetime. It looks like this pandemic won't be severe. Most get sick and recover without too much fuss. They have quit closing schools for a week when a kid gets sick. Yesterday they reported a case of a farmer giving swine flu to his pigs. Maybe the pigs should be the ones wearing the masks. Couldn't find an illustration of a pig in a mask on line.
It is warm, our grass is growing and has been cut twice. Trees are leafing out. Dandelions are popping up where they haven't already been poisoned. I know they ruin perfect lawns, but I think they are pretty. I will pause to admire a field full of bright yellow weeds. Did you know they are not native to America? An English colonist brought seeds and planted them. I have heard of eating dandelion greens in salad and making dandelion wine. Now, my friend Sue has a recipe for dandelion pesto. With what I have to pay for basil in the supermarket this time of year, ($2.29 a small bunch) it might be worth picking a few wild dandelions and trying this recipe. You must look for the ones that grow organically such as those that grow in parks.

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