Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Loss

Last month Stillwater lost it's weekly newspaper, The Courier. The current economy and trends in readership and advertising contributed to its demise. We were extremely fortunate to have two newspapers in a town of 17,000 population. We still had the Stillwater Gazette which publishes a daily paper ----no weekend issues. We still have newspaper carriers who are kids who deliver door to door. They cover the local and national news. You can follow local high school sports and read a favorite local columnist or catch up on news of the garden or book clubs. Mayberry lives! Mayberry lived until yesterday when it was announced we are losing that paper too. How sad. With big city newspapers in bankruptcy or their stability in doubt I pleased we would at least have the local rag. Stillwater Gazette has been publishing continuously since 1870. What a shame.

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