Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I know my mom is happy. She was a woman of faith and died in 1994 and is enjoying her reward. I am so thankful I had the good, loving mom I had.
Yesterday's Pioneer Press had a story of a young mom of five sons. The husband had been laid off eleven weeks, the mom was a stay at home mother who enjoyed her life. They ate a lot of pasta, she baked homemade bread, bought everything when it went on sale and for entertainment she let her kids play with the hose. Asked about treats, she said they bought Caribou coffee beans and made cappuccino on Sundays and sometimes Wednesdays. She loved coffee but couldn't afford to make it everyday. When I read this I thought I would like to send that woman some Caribou coffee. Then I realized if we did flood her with coffee beans it would spoil her treat. When I was a kid a bottle of pop was a treat. We never had it at home and most people didn't. It has been a long time since a soda was a treat.
I think having less made this mom appreciate the little things in life.
I have loved watching my daughter clip coupons and shop for artisan bread at the bakery outlet. She and her husband like finding good stuff at garage sales. (This is Mary's first Mother's Day as the new mom of seven month old twins. ) This is the way I was raised and for a while it was an endangered way of life. When we have less we really have more. More appreciation. More fun.
I am also thankful for my daughter in-law Jen. She has always been loving and friendly. She is a common sense hard working mom who loves her kids and our son.
I was also blessed to have a wonderful mother in-law Catherine. She died just before our last son was born and I am sorry he never knew her. When he was around three yrs old, Jon took him to grandma's grave. Spontaneously he said, "Grandma you don't know me, but I am your little grandson, Andy". Sweet. I think she has been watching over her kids and grandkids and knew who he was. A good woman and my advocate, Catherine. I miss her too.

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