Sunday, May 31, 2009

And the Winner Isn't........Or Is It?

It's been a year of surprise upsets and second place finishes for frontrunners. Didn't everyone think Hillary Clinton had the Democrat nomination for president in the bag? Wasn't Miss California USA in good shape to win before "the question"? Didn't Adam Lambert outshine other contestants on AI? Even Derby winner Mine That Bird placed second in the Preakness. The latest to get the red ribbon is Britain's Susan Boyle. The You-tube star and leading contender for England's talent show came in second. Maybe second place isn't so bad. Hillary has a steady job and is in the public eye. No one can remember who came in first at the Miss USA contest and Adam Lambert is making dual appearances with the guy who actually won American Idol. Susan Boyle already has signed a recording contract and gotten a makeover. We all know what job Mine That Bird will eventually get---stud farm.
Do you think any of this is consolation to Norm Coleman? Norm is currently in the number two spot. Minnesota still doesn't have our election results from the November senate race. It goes to the state supreme court this week. There is talk of appealing to the US supreme court if that fails. Our governor has asked citizens to e-mail him budget saving tips. Here is one. Let's go with one senator and save that salary. Norm can keep busy hanging out with Susan or Hillary or Miss California. I don't care what Al Franken does.

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